Cloud Security
To meet the needs of rapid expansion of businesses, an integrated protection platform is provided based on a distributed network connecting the terminal, network and cloud to ensure users’ quality experience.
Taiji Shield
Compared with traditional DDoS defense, Taiji Shield is decentralized and protects your business from DDoS attacks at all scales. It is 100% immune to CC attacks.
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Taiji Photon
Integrates dynamic acceleration and security protection to solve network jitter, delay and security issues during cross-border access, helping deploy and operate online games globally.
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Mobile Business Security
Mobile business implementation faces application and data security issues. At the same time, security management compatibility and user convenience are highlighted. The Cloudaemon mobile business security products provide an overall solution for the secure access of mobile devices, applications, network, etc.
Taiji Perimeter
Based on the zero trust mechanism, Taiji Perimeter restructures the boundaries of corporate network and provides a secure access environment for corporate mobile business, where NO VPN is needed.
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Zero Trust Security Platform ESZ™ Cloudaemon
We build a trusted Elastic Security Zone(ESZ™) on mobile devices, Internet, and the cloud based on the concept of zero trust which identifies trusted terminals and access behaviors, putting terminals, data, and corporate assets under full protection.
Least-privilege Access
Execute risk measurement and authorization based on trusted terminals, applications, identities, and traffic to achieve dynamic access control.
Terminal Data Isolation
The protection boundary extends to the terminal, and enterprise applications run in the terminal sandbox, effectively preventing data breaches.
Application Asset Stealth
All requirements need to access through a distributed proxy gateway, and application assets are not directly exposed on the Internet, significantly reducing the attack surface.
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