Why Taiji Shield

Business operation

Unique distributed defense & regeneration technology help business immunized from DDoS attacks and application layer attacks completely.

Access configuration

2-step configuration, 1 hour online, 24/7 hours technical support.

Network experience

Over 16 BGP high-quality lines to provide fast and smooth network experience.

Protection costs

Charged by Daily Active User(DAU), the protection cost can be less than half of the traditional DDoS defense.

Cool Features


DDoS attack protection

If a single node is attacked, the users can be switched to another node in seconds and be randomly assigned to different nodes in the entire network. Intelligently identify and lock terminals that maliciously leak IP, so that the attack behavior is always in a state of self-exhaustion.


Application layer attack protection

Only legitimate traffic accessed from the SDK are allowed to enter. Utilize innovative packet gene technology to ensure that each packet has a unique genetic identifier and discard duplicate packets, solving application layer attack problem once for all.


DNS attack protection

Using dynamic token technology, no network interaction is required, and the client SDK automatically generates cloud node IP; no dispatch center nor DNS resolution is needed, which effectively avoids DNS attacks.


Data breach prevention

Provide an encrypted tunnel based on the network layer. The data is not visible during the transmission process, and the application layer data cannot be modified to ensure that business data is not breached.


Support multi-cloud deployment

15,000+ global cloud nodes, compatible with various cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Tencent Cloud, UCloud, etc.) and IDC servers, no need to migrate.


Data report monitoring

Real-time monitoring of multi-dimensional data such as user distribution, connection status, and network quality helps quickly locate anomalies and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

Leading Zero Trust DDoS Protection Architecture

We have established a terminal-network-cloud elastic security zone (ESZ) based on the concept of zero trust and a fully distributed architecture. Developed on the ESZ®Cloudaemon platform.

An innovative way that really works for your DDoS problems

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