Typical Client
Taiji Perimeter ZTNA
contributes to China Construction Bank’s global digitalization
Authority Recognition
Taiji Perimeter ZTNA
recognized by multiple prestigious organizations

Why Taiji Perimeter

Continuously verify

identity, application, terminal and packet with leading ZTNA technology.

Freely switch

between workplace and Internet, multiple secure desktops available.

Seamlessly connect

any device in any place, offline mode to solve disconnection problem.

Improve user experience

Any device can be quickly and securely connected to a server anywhere.

Application segmentation

Network administrators can segment by application (rather than network), and there is no need to manage ACL or FW policies.

100% cloud native

Achieve multi-cloud unified management, with high availability, agility, flexibility, and scalability.

Powerful Virtual Security Desktop

Establish a secure and reliable workspace on the terminal to isolate enterprise data from personal data.

Reduce attack surface

The IP address of the enterprise server will not be disclosed and will not be directly exposed on the Internet, reducing the attack surface.

End-to-end encryption

Encrypt each packet to ensure that no malicious traffic can reach enterprise applications.

A whole new way of zero trust network access

The zero trust client, zero trust distributed gateway, and zero trust controller are the main components to build a terminal-network-cloud elastic security zone. Developed on the ESZ®Cloudaemon platform.

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