Terminal Sandbox
Although network security is important, the security capabilities of the terminal workplace are also critical to the company's core assets security.
Cloudaemon provides a secure and trusted terminal sandbox (that is, a virtual security zone) to isolate corporate data from personal data, isolate workplace from Internet to prevent data breach. The terminal sandbox makes it possible to better manage and control employees' access, and provides better user experience.
Packet Gene
Zero trust technology emphasizes the protection of data through strong authentication technology. Unlike other products based on identity verification, Cloudaemon adds verification of packets (namely packet gene) in addition to users, applications, and terminals.
Cloudaemon implants a unique and dynamic genetic identifier for each packet, establishes an encrypted tunnel between the terminal and the zero trust network, performs verification on each packet passing through the zero trust network, and rejects the entry of illegal packets .
File Micro Segmentation
The previous generation of encryption and decryption technology is very easy to cause anomalies, for example, multiple processes operating at the same time will cause problems such as inability to compile and debug. And the development is difficult, because it involves many Windows underlying processes which easily conflict with other drivers.
Cloudaemon adopts container-level encryption technology with higher stability.
• Vertical isolation from file drive to disk.
• The file encryption uses the latest container-level encryption technology, which greatly improves the stability and efficiency, and will not damage the file integrity due to encryption or decryption.
Network Micro Segmentation
The previous generation segmentation technology relies on the modification of the client's routing, which easily leads to data breach. By taking advantage of the network authorization, hackers can penetrate laterally after entering through VPN.
Cloudaemon adopts network micro-segmentation technology, without relying on VPN nor modify client routing, thus to achieve higher security. Application-based authorization isolates one application from another to achieve granular control.
Ultra-speed Routing
In the cloud era, fast and stable access to global businesses has become a basic demand for enterprises to run their business globally.
Cloudaemon's zero trust network adopts a cloud-based and fully distributed architecture and is deployed across mainstream public clouds, covering 130 regions around the world, and supporting customers' business deployment all over the world.
Based on the physical location and network quality of the cloud nodes, the nearest, optimal access, and intelligent path routing, increase the speed of customers' global business access by at least 30%, greatly improving the workplace efficiency. At the same time, it continuously monitors the whole network quality. Because of the QUIC protocol, the intelligent switch of TCP / UDP network and seconds-level switch among cloud nodes, the stability and reliability of the network are always ensured.
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