Nationwide Service Network
We have protected 200+ customers across China and their 20 billion connections. North China Region / East China Region / Central China Region / South China Region / Southwest China Region all covered.
24/7 Professional Service
The service package may include 24/7 professional service. Customers with high requirements for business continuity can be effectively supported, because we know you need stable and worry-free business operation.
Customers say so
Cloudaemon makes me feel worry-free, and there is no waste of time worrying about security when I try to expand the market.
The technical service team is very professional and the products have been performing very stably since it was online.
The Taiji Shield was launched in 1 hour, now I can finally get a good night's sleep.
Cloudaemon is truly 24/7, and my tech problems were quickly resolved even at 3:00 AM.
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