Enterprise digital transformation is imperative
Traditional network perimeter fails to strike a balance between security and efficiency
Data-driven enterprise business transformation requires data to flow through different network areas. Traditional network security perimeter limits data flow and drags down efficiency. Enterprises need to restructure the network security perimeter, through granular access control and terminal control, so that employees can securely access corporate data resources on the Internet or office network, ensure that these data assets are not breached, with good experience.
Cloudaemon ZTNA, restructuring enterprise network perimeter
Application-based security perimeter
Replace traditional IP and location-based network perimeter such as firewalls and VPNs, establish application-based granular network access perimeter, and completely hide application servers.
Continuous identity-based verification
Continuous verification based on users/applications/terminals/packets ensures the security and credibility of access. Employees are able to securely access corporate resources on the Internet, and access to authorized applications across office network regions, eliminating traditional network perimeter restrictions.
Data breach prevention
By extending the software-defined perimeter to the terminal, the 'Virtual Security Zone' isolates corporate data from personal data, cuts off Internet threats, and prevents corporate data breach.
Understand how Cloudaemon helps restructure network perimeter
Your Professional Choice - Cloudaemon is recognized by Gartner Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access
Zero trust network access (ZTNA) provides adaptive, identity-aware, precision access and improves the flexibility, agility and scalability of application access, enabling digital businesses to thrive without exposing internal applications directly to the internet, reducing risk of attack.

--Gartner, Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access

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